Facephi Beyond Biometrics


FacePhi is beneficiary of the biggest EU Financial programme to deploy its FACCESS projects.

FacePhi has signed with the European Commission a contract to develop and implement the FACCESS project with 1,7M of Euros in 2 years.

The FACCESS project is set within the Horizon 2020 programme (H2020) through the SME Instrument, which has been designed specifically to boost highly innovative SMEs with ambition to grow and International projections, in order to boost its success in the market.

FacePhi has the support from FEDER in its internacionalization plan.


Biometry is a science that, through automated methods, is able to verify or recognize the identity of a person based on their physiology

Added new users in a system

Comparing biometric features

Carrying out a comparison (1:N) of biometric features


Solutions for banks


Solutions for banks

Solutions for goverments


Solutions for Governments

Solutions for private security


Solutions for private security