S. Martí: “FacePhi is ready to become a public company”

  • 06/13/14

The Spanish Stock Exchange will have a new Valencian representative very soon, more specifically, in the Alternative Stock Exchange Market. We are talking about FacePhi, a company with 100% Spanish capital which is specialized in Facial Recognition algorithms.

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Salvador Martí tells us about the debut of FacePhi

  • 05/26/14

FacePhi is about to debut in the MAB and these last days is being focus for all investors and technology lovers. Salvador Martí, President of the company, tells us a little more in depth about what the future plans are for the company and the achievements that have been obtained until this moment. Good forecasts are estimated for the powerful facial recognition company which has taken great care and desire in this project supported by the internal team of the company and the group of investors and institutions involved in it.

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FacePhi participates in Spain Tech Week celebrated last May

  • 05/16/14

After Spain Tech Center (STC) celebrated in Silicon Valley in October-November 2013, FacePhi was invited again to participate in Spain Tech Week (STW), a programme sponsored by ICEX and Banesto Fundation which provide an opportunity for Spanish companies with great technology to take a dive in the technology HUB of Silicon Valley and Seattle.

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