Biometrics industry stocks this week

  • 02/06/18

It had to happen sooner or later. Stock markets have churned out a year’s worth of advances in a month. This kind of hyper growth can’t go on forever. A reckoning arrived earlier this week when U.S. stocks suffered the first major sell-off of the new year. 

Source: Biometric Update

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Spanish facial recognition company FacePhi sees 2017 turnover jump by 34.51%.

  • 01/15/18

The facial recognition company FacePhi, listed on the MAB (Alternative Madrid Stock Market), announced a 2017 Ebitda of 795,855 euros. With a confirmed 21 banks signed for FacePhi’s software and services, the Spanish company exceeded its forecasts and underlines its position as a global leader in facial biometrics. FacePhi’s profit jumped with 307% to a net profit of 457,205 euros.

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FacePhi lives an authentic 'end of year rally' 2017

  • 01/04/18

FacePhi signs at once with 6 more banks and reaches 21, Banco Bisa, Banco Unión, Banco Galicia, Balanz Capital, Banco Davivienda and another one in México.

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