Javier Mira

Co-founder & CEO of FacePhi.

Javier is Co-founder & CEO of FacePhi.

He has an Executive Training Program (ETP) in Japan and a International Management Development Seminars.

Before his incorporation in FacePhi, he worked in Panama Jack (Alicante) and LOEWE – Louis Vuitton (Madrid) as Commercial Manager and in Fujitsu (Tokyo) as Account Manager.

Peter O'Neill

Founder and President of FindBiometrics.

Peter O´Neill, is the Founder and President of FindBiometrics and MobileIDWorld.com, two of the Internet´s leading B2B IT security magazines.

Between 2014-2017, Peter was instrumental in bringing Biometrics to Money20/20, Money 20/20 Europe, Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016, the Global Identity Summit 2015 and most recently at One World Identity, by organizing and moderating expert panel discussions.

Peter has an extensive background in media both in the online and broadcasting environments. Peter is known throughout the industry and holds a position in both the Membership and Marketing Working Groups for the IBIA (International Biometric and Identification Association), is a member of the FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online), and is a member of the SIA Data Privacy Advisory Board.

José María Fuster Van Bendegem

Founder and CEO of Ecosistemas de Innovación Digitales

José María Fuster Van Bendegem is founder and CEO of Ecosistemas de Innovación Digitales.

He achieved his degree in Aeronautic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and completed his studies with a Master’s Degree in Financial Management at IE. Currently, he is a member of the patronage of the COTEC Institution for innovation, which is chaired by the majesty of the royal household. He is also president of the Sicomoro foundation, whose target is the study of the complex systems, professor ad honorem at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and president of Chamberi Ventures SCR, SA.

Previously, he was Managing Director of the Santander group, in charge of technology and group operations, with significant presence in 10 countries, having started his career in the multinationals IBM, Arthur Andersen and Citibank. Jose María Fuster is interested in several subjects, from the opening of the innovation ecosystems to Systemic Thinking and Systems Architecture.