Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

  • Control the fraudulent use of personal data and facial data.
  • When the data are used by someone else, the system alerts the operator.
  • You can control user registration in the database, preventing a user register using different identifiers.


The software identifies people passing in front of the camera using the existing video surveillance cameras in the building. It can work either with live streaming or deferred and all the functions done after the recognition can be configured to meet the needs of the client.

  • Increased level of security in the Banks' breach network.
  • Prevents access of unwanted people or suspects.
  • Easy integration to the video surveillance network.


Financial fraud is a very important problem for Banks and current security systems are very vulnerable to theft or loss. By using face recognition as a tool for authenticating users in ATMs the bank is assuring the user that only he/she will be able to use the bank card.

  • Avoids fraud through identity theft
  • Avoids fraud through card cloning
  • The user can be enrolled in the ATM
  • User friendly (non-intrusive)
  • Low cost integration and installation
Vip Treatment

Vip Treatment

Multiple applications can be developed using face biometrics to recognize a person and adapt the treatment he / she receives.

  • Recognition of a very important client
  • Personalized assistance
  • Improvement in customer service protocols
Online Banking

Online Banking

Online banking is currently exposed to direct attack from hackers. With FacePhi Face Recognition system only the authorized person will be able to access the bank account through the web service of the bank. The user only has to stand in front of the web cam and the system will verify the identity, granting a secure access.

Banca móvil

Mobile Bank

Secure Access from any mobile device carrying a camera.

  • The client can make secure banking transactions anywhere.
  • It is a highly requested service.
Single sign-on

Single SignOn

Log In application for the Bank employees to access their computers at work. The system identifies the person in front of the webcam and decides whether the person can access the PC or not.

  • 1-1 Access mode
  • Security is guaranteed as to confidential data
  • Low hardware requirements (only a webcam is needed)
  • Secure access to the Banks' intranet
Verification of signatures

Verification of signatures

Identity verification to authorize:

  • Any banking transaction
  • Opening accounts
  • Availability to authorize more than one person in one account