How does it work?


Biometrics is a science that, through automated methods, is able to verify or recognize the identity of a person based on their physiology or behavioral. The concept "biometrics" comes from the words, bios (life) and metron (measure), which means that all biometrical devices can measure and identify personal features. Each person has morphological features that are unique and therefore, different from everyone else.

Face recognition allows us to determine the identity of a person by analysing the face. Unlike other types of biometry like iris or fingerprint, face recognition is non-intrusive; it does not require cooperation from the user. It just needs to capture the face of the person with a web cam.


The registration process begins by filling a registration form. This form allows the administrator to enroll users by entering their personal information and then, by starting the extraction process of their facial features which will configure the users' face pattern.

The enrollment can be done with a username, ID number, pin number or card. In every case, the registry is done the same way. The only difference is when a user registers with a card, because it is necessary to first insert the card where the ID of that user is saved.


The verification / authentication process consists in comparing (1:1) the biometric features of two entities. The system verifies whether a user actually is who he/she claims to be. In order to do so, the system needs to know the identity of the user prior to the authentication process.

There are two ways of introducing the user ID: through a card or typing manually the ID numbers, pin or name.


The identification process consists of carrying out a comparison (1:N) of biometric features. The system determines the identity of the user.

For it, the extracted face pattern is compared against the systems' database of registered users.

If the comparison result is correct, the system will highlight the user whose pattern, stored in the database,
matches the most to the pattern obtained in the extraction process.