Our mission is to develop face recognition technology always looking for its improvement and excellence, in order to have state-of-the-art algorithms. We know the importance of investing in R&D to grant the evolution of face biometry.


Being market-leader providers of face recognition software, offering the technology to integrators that will develop final solutions or applications to the end client and this way, extend the use of face recognition to multiple areas such as banking, private corporations or governmental institutions.


Integrity, passion for technology, innovation, professionality, dedication


Specializing in the development of face recognition software

The global market is facing new challenges in what matters to identification or authentication of people, and biometric systems are progressively more accepted by users. Out of all biometrics, face biometry is with no doubt the most accepted, less intrusive system.

Being competitive in terms of cost

Our technology is 100% owned by FACEPHI. This allows us to implement it in all industries and all solutions without depending on any external component. Therefore, our price policy is extremely flexible.

Building alliances with key Partners

A part of our strategy is to license our face recognition software through the top industry leaders; integrators, developers and IT companies, to incorporate our advanced technology into their solutions.

Achieving our goal

Our main goal is to make face recognition usual in our everyday life; from accessing our personal computers, to entering our offices or car, avoiding the use of PINs or RFID cards.