FacePhi SDK is a product specially targeted to all those developers and integrators who wish to incorporate face recognition characteristics into their solutions or to integrate them into already existing applications.

Banca online

Online Banking

Online banking is currently exposed to direct attack from hackers. With FacePhi Face Recognition system only the authorized person will be able to access the bank account through the web service of the bank. The user only has to stand in front of the web cam and the system will verify the identity, granting a secure access.

Single sign on

Single SignOn

Log In application for the Bank employees to access their computers at work. The system identifies the person in front of the webcam and decides whether the person can access the PC or not. .

Control de acceso

Access Control

For access control applications using face biometry, the system verifies that the person using the proximity card is the owner of it and therefore, has the rights to access. This way we can avoid scam through identity fraud.

Detección de sospechosos

Social Networks

Nowadays we handle so many different online profiles and email accounts that it is almost impossible to remember all the passwords. And given the amount of information we share on the Web, it is important to keep our profiles protected from any intrusion. FaceRecognition software can be customized to applications where the user only needs to stand in front of his webcam in order to access the online profile of his choice.



Face recognition to start the car. This way, we can avoid using keys which can be lost, stolen or forgotten. The only thing that we need to open and start the car, is our face.