Safe digital onboarding solution with the best real time OCR in the market with facial liveness test.


How it works?

Onboarding Digital solution that allows to open an account or get a banking product from anywhere. Simply capturing the id document and taking a selfie.

It includes the best real time OCR in the market, extraction of the ID data and a facial comparison of the ID or photo database (Government Services) with the user’s selfie with liveness test.

The morphology of the document is validated to avoid fake DNIs.



1. Fast OCR process and facial verification.
2. Pattern sending, no image.
3. Very light pattern.
4. Encrypted and tokenized pattern.
5. Picture and video detector.
6. Compatible with all documents with MRZ or PDF417 barcodes.
7. DNI's validation at fraud level.
8. Proof of life: Passive Liveness