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Invest in facial biometrics

In recent years, facial recognition has become one of the most active research fields in the Artificial Intelligence sphere, with enormous growth potential. The rapid integration of this technology in the banking sector, where data protection and customer experience are essential, is a guarantee of its acceptance in the market and its development prospects in other sectors. We are heading to a world where the facial recognition security, speed and contactless experience will be part of our daily life.

FacePhi concluded 2019 as the fastest growing value in the Spanish equity market, where its share appreciated more than 300%. In this way, the company's market capitalization is already over 40 million euros, four times more than when it entered the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in 2014, consolidating itself as one of the most dynamic options for investors.

The facial recognition market is currently valued at more than $4.4 billion, and it is estimated that it may rise to $10.9 billion with an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.6%, according to Mordor Intelligence studies.

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