FacePhi: un caso de éxito de IBM

  • 17-05-2018

Provides fast, secure authentication for banking with cloud-based visual recognition services

Smartphones have turned high-quality cameras into a pervasive technology—and one that can be used for much more than just casual photography. Working with IBM, Spanish startup FacePhi has developed Selphi—a cloud-based authentication service that enables banking customers to access their accounts quickly and securely, simply by snapping a selfie.

Source: IBM

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FacePhi firma un nuevo contrato en Argentina

  • 23-04-2018

FacePhi firma su contrato número 22 en Argentina, país que apuesta fuerte por las nuevas tecnologías en su sector bancario, con su partner tecnológico Compusistem.

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Biometrics industry stocks this week

  • 06-02-2018

It had to happen sooner or later. Stock markets have churned out a year’s worth of advances in a month. This kind of hyper growth can’t go on forever. A reckoning arrived earlier this week when U.S. stocks suffered the first major sell-off of the new year.

Source: Biometric Update

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